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A moi Paris is eco-responsible. New UP-CYCLING projects

Make it sustainable, recycle, re-use, until it’s just something else entirely!  New is good, new is shiny, new is exciting but new is not always the best practice. We as a company are very much invested in sustainable practices, our founder hates waste and wants to reduce pollution.  She makes decisions that only go in that direction. Fashion is a messy business! We must act and make a difference. So, as much as we love clothes, we do not through away our older ones but try to up-cycle and create new energy, a totally different piece, to give garments new life.  We also make seasonal capsule collections making sure to use the best materials we can, not to have stock...


A propos de la Créatrice | Claudia Cannatelli

„If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.“ — Audre Lorde   Je suis née un mardi Ma vision du monde est brisée Ma couleur préférée est le beige Parfois je suis ... cependant, tant d‘autres je ne suis plus Je m’inspire de l'art contemporain L‘autocritique est un état d‘esprit  Les imprimés de la collection sont la représentation de scènes d‘un livre que j‘ai écrit il y a quelques années  Il m‘arrive souvent de me perdre dans le regard du monde Ma pièce préférée de la collection PE18 est la chemise découpée Si la vitesse est constante, alors le changement de position est la vitesse fois le temps Le...