The brand,  "à moi Paris" was born to let you in on little secrets of style, from classic to modern, all the while keeping our ready-to-wear collections fresh and fashion forward. Our goal is to make a personal connection with you and make that link special.

We are a Slow Fashion contemporary brand and we are transparent on our sourcing and production for it to be green and eco-responsible. We produce in Europe, and manage our operations closely and amicably. We operate with small quantities and  make capsule ready-to-wear collections all year long to reduce waste. 

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Join us and discover our universe!

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This collection SpringSummer2020 is a balance of light and shadows, bright colours,... 



Dark colours take over with shades of nude pared with the melancholy... 

Our summer collection video is here !

  • The City of Fashion, Style & Luxury

    Paris has been called "the city of light" because of its many beautiful buildings and monuments that attract tourists from all over the world. It is also known as the City of Love because of its romantic atmosphere.

    Paris the city of fashion 
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    New collection shooting

    To all of you who are sharing these troubled times together with us, we are uploading the new shooting session we did with a mix of our fashion styles and collections in Paris of course!

    new collection shooting photography 
  • About the designer : Claudia Cannatelli

    By understanding the modern society and how traditions are evolving in the world today the brand à moi Paris creates understated, versatile and covetable clothing and style options for the modern woman. Confort and leisure come together with a chic and modern twist.

    about the designer