For some reason, there has been this idea that fashion can’t be comfortable. I totally get it when it comes to runway. But most of us aren’t living our daily lives in a fashion show. 

I am all about comfortable style. Comfort has many sides and everyone would define comfort in its own way. For me, comfort means having a relaxed look while looking chic. Who said you have to sacrifice looking stylish just because you choose to wear comfortable clothes.

Simple, yet stylish statements that should be hanging in your closet

This is what A MOI PARIS is all about!

Fashion is about creativity choose one focal point that stands out, it might be an oversized poplin shirt paired with simple jeans. Avoid fighting for attention, creating a stylish look means creating a balance with all parts of your outfit. Sustainability over quantity How many times have you blindly followed a fashion trend and ended up with another useless piece of clothing in your closet? Just because in that present moment you felt the urge of needing it. Whether because of seeing someone wearing it or just to replace the feeling of emptiness with yet another short-lived happiness. Sustainable fashion has become more than the next hype. Big retailers, high fashion labels and many customers have reached the point on which they acknowledge the huge influence of the fashion industry on our planet. Therefore it’s about time to be more aware of your own shopping behaviour. In our younger years, we blindly indulged in the H&M or Zara sale. Sometimes we're still tempted to go, however, we've reached the point that we value quality over quantity. Every month, new trends emerge and seem to dominate our social media feeds. As a result, quality is lacking. But there’s no need to give up hope: there are still many fashion brands that produce high quality garments and accessories. You simply have to know how to discover a qualitative item. What’s comfortable can also be stylish, here’s how you can do it right in a sustainable way. I always talk about forever pieces and items that are comfortable, stylish and sustainable. This is what this is all about. And we can‘t have fashion week every day now can we? I am a witch and you should be too! 

Lots of love, 


September 27, 2022 — CLAUDIA CANNATELLI

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