Coming up: New Jewellery Collaboration with the brand Meshiko UK 

Our creative designer Claudia met Alejandra, owner and designer of during the Covid-19 pandemic and they were so in synch that they decided to collaborate with a jewellery capsule collection between brands made to come out this fall! 

The items are Mexican beaded  with a french touch.


Beaded by the Huicoles indigenous people, we created a set of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that are fun and easy to wear. Following the idea of the ceremonies of the traditional people who celebrate the four seasons, which are meant to bring balance and harmony to each person, we designed these pretty pieces for you!

Ceremonies are a time for people to come together and convey good health and good luck to all.

Our two businesses are women owned and focus on eco friendly responsable fashion as well as traditions and heritage of the local communities.

Claudia added a french chic spin on an already altogether great style.

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With all our love and care, 


September 12, 2022 — CLAUDIA CANNATELLI

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